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Akron OH Replacement Bathtub

Have you noticed your bathroom could benefit from an update to a brand-new replacement bath or shower enclosure? We want to hear all about it! The bathtub installers at Baths R Us are Akron’s first choice for Akron bathroom remodeling projects and bathtub replacement.

Our staff would be excited to assist you with your replacement bathtub renovations! We have many years of experience with bathroom remodeling projects just like yours, and we are delighted to make your bathroom airier and comfier to enjoy. 

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Your Akron OH Replacement Bathtub Pros

Not all Akron homeowners realize this, but bathtubs and showers are not built to last forever. Nowhere is this more apparent than with cut-rate fiberglass or acrylic bathtubs that are added to the typical recently constructed homes.

You are probably spotting hints that you might replace your Akron bathtub, notably:

  1. Dated bathtub is no longer great looking
  2. Present bathtub is back-breaking to maintain
  3. You are looking to enliven your bathroom and get guests and neighbors envious of your finely made home

Sound like your bathtub? Don’t worry if you are observing these signs that you would benefit from a replacement bathtub. At Baths R Us, we are standing by to assist Akron homeowners by remodeling their bathtubs!

Look over our gallery and online reviews and testimonials. At Baths R Us, we provide amazing new bathtubs, and we build them in less time than you thought possible!

Touch base at 440-457-0101 for outstanding Akron bathtub replacement!

The Best Bathtub Installers in Akron

Not all homeowners realize, that replacing your bathtub calls for careful detail-oriented work. Think about it, in the event your bathtub is repaired by untrained handymen, it might inflict headache-inducing water and mold damage to your home! No need to run the risk when you can hire the most skilled bathroom remodelers in Akron at an affordable budget? In the event you are seeking a bathtub installation professional, you will want to pick bath installers with the following factors:

  1. Years of experience. Our team has built dozens of bathtub replacements with great results around Akron
  2. Exceptionally trained. Each individual of our bathtub installation crew is extensively trained.
  3. Fast. Our bathtub installers are typically done in less than a day.
  4. License and insurance. This has you covered in case of poor installation work. Of course, we are licensed and insured!
  5. Amazing craftsmanship. Your replacement bath can look incredible. Partner with bathtub installers like ours to ensure that it does!
  6. Consummate professionals. Why partner with bathtub installers who are not pleasant to have in your house?

Call us at 440-457-0101 for quality Akron bath installers!

Replacement bathtub designs for Akron

When it comes time to improve your bathing space, you have a ton of designs to choose from. Every design of a replacement bathtub has its advantages and disadvantages, so let us help you see the different options:

  • Dual bath and shower: A popular bathroom fixture due to its convenience, installing a combination bath and shower gives you the option to bathe and lounge, with the flexibility to shower when you’re in a hurry! A splendid balance of easy enjoyment and comfort for your Akron replacement bathtub.
  • Akron Replacement bath: The fastest and most affordable method to spruce up your bath is a replacement bathtub. Just replace your bath or install a quick surround over the facade, and you can have a beautiful bathroom in a breathtakingly fast time.
  • Shower enclosures & walk-in showers: Build up a custom shower enclosure, to get more style and enjoyment out of your morning ritual. Stunning and customizable, shower enclosures transform your home into a spa-like experience.
  • Walk-in bathtub: Partially a soaking tub, part high-end spa, and walk-in baths are a great add-on to your forever home. Safely accessible for families of all ages, walk-in baths future-proof your property for years to come.

Why Baths R Us for Replacement Tubs in Akron

The Akron OH bath installation team at Baths R Us is excited to help you get started! We offer an array of choices at budget-conscious price points, and you can trust in knowing that every remodeling service we carry is an out-of-this-world addition to your home.

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